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Inspiring the hearts of ladies through a journey into nature, where we answer the call to "climb the rocky steps of the hillside".

Arise Life Challenge (ALC) is a women's weekend away in nature, where your Spirit, Body and Soul will be challenged. Away from technology and daily comforts, we challenge you to take this time for your soul to catch up with your body.

Welcome to ARISE!

Are you ready for a Challenge? 


You might be wondering, “What do they mean by SPIRIT?” Some people don’t even believe such a thing exists! But we think that when you connect with people, watch a sunset or stand in a quiet place, something can happen “inside” us and this is a SPIRIT connection...

ALC weekends serve as a journey to discover identity, worth, and purpose. Faith is therefore a key element and is something we talk about, specifically from a Christian perspective. However, everything we do is “optional” in the sense that you buy in as much as you can and want to.
This is why it is a SPIRIT CHALLENGE.


It can be said that we don’t just have a body, we are a body! Our bodies are remarkable, strong, resilient, and powerful, but some of us haven’t discovered that yet.

An ALC weekend is a demanding physical experience, designed to challenge your body. It is not a bootcamp fitness test, but rather an exercise in determination and resilience. Those who have gone before you have described it as one of the most rewarding physical experiences of their life. Your body will impress you, but you need to prepare, train enough, it will be tough.
This is why it is a BODY CHALLENGE.


Our mental health, like physical health, can fluctuate. As women we experience constant change in our emotions. Our mind is where we make our moral decisions, such as what we believe is right or wrong. We think about problems and concerns all the time, and we tend to overthink them.


On an ALC weekend, we create space just to be, enjoy the silence of nature and the contributions of other women in your life. We generate opportunities to find a place of internal silence.
This is why it is a SOUL CHALLENGE.

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