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What do I need for
an ALC Weekend?

You need the following equipment during a Life Challenge Weekend. Don't forget anything, and don't bring anything more than what is listed below.



  • Hiking backpack (min. 50 litres)

  • Waterproof cover

  • Day bag (Small backpack)

  • Hiking sticks (optional)


(Packed in a waterproof bag/waterproof cover)

  • Medical Aid card

  • ICE numbers

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  • 2 person tent (portable)

  • Sleeping bag (5°C or lower rating )

  • Sleeping mat

  • Pillow (optional)

  • Hiking boots \ Sport shoes

  • Socks (3 pairs)



  • Toiletries as you need (Incl, medicines)

  • Wet wipes

  • Headlight

  • Bible (required)

  • Notebook and pen

  • Sunblock

  • Bug spray



  • Cap / sunvisor / hat

  • Trousers (outdoor) / Ski Pants x 2

  • Long sleeve shirt

  • T-shirts x 2

  • Gloves (optional)

  • Water and wind proof coat

  • Sunglasses

  • Thermal underwear (optional)

  • Warm jacket

  • Plastic Poncho (optional)

  • Buff

  • Flip flops (optional)


Cooking and Food

  • Mess tin  (vark pan)

  • Mug

  • Knife, spoon, fork

  • Camping gas stove  (2 people can share)

  • Lighter

  • Water bottles (3 litres of water)

Equipment Guidelines:

Your backpack should weigh only 15kg, not including 3 litres of water (which you must also bring and carry with you). At the start of the weekend, you will be given an extra few kilograms which consists of food and extra equipment. So make sure you can carry a +20kg load over extended distances!


Other (unnecessary) kit like cameras, phones, watches, etc. will be held for you so that you’re not distracted during the weekend (so don’t even bring it!).

Equipment Tip:

Try to borrow items you do not already have, usually participants only use them once, so borrowing could be more cost-effective. Alternatively, you can hire a complete kit from Erika Burger (+27) 82 451 8379.

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