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Our Story

Love. Faith. Strength. Serve. Welcome to ARISE

Passionate, strong and nurturing, created in the image of God. We are daughters of the King, serving in many roles in society: wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, business women and housewives.
Arise calls for women to arise, get out of their comfort zones and discover Him intimately. It is a movement of women who love to challenge, grow and live powerfully! We create places, journeys and encounters, full of inspiration, where we can rediscover our worth and identity in Christ. Together, we discover new outlooks on our lives and descend to the depths of our hearts and souls. Raw, pure, and real! Dressed with faith, hope, courage, and maturity, women can go back to where God placed us to live out our true identity and make a lasting contribution to transformation in this world.


Arise was founded in Switzerland and born out of The 4th Musketeer Men's Movement. The first group of women climbed the rocky steps of the Swiss Alps, and the journey started.


Ten South African women formed part of the pilot Arise weekend in Krugersdorp, South Africa, under the 4M leadership. Two months later, the first official Arise Life Challenge (ALC) was launched, with 107 participants.



Arise launches a new venue in Franschhoek in Western Cape, South Africa.



Arise launches a new venue in Rustenburg in North West, South Africa.


Women from USA, Canada and Ukraine attended the South African ALC weekend, which played an instrumental part in helping these countries launch Arise during international lockdowns.


Arise launches a new venue in Ezemvelo Nature Reserve in Gauteng, South Africa.


International Arise leaders from over 8 different countries travel to the Arise Leadership Summit hosted in Franschhoek, South Africa.



Arise launches two venues, one weekend, same program.

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